Our Core Values

We Value Each Other

At Leonora District High School we value and seek constructive feedback through meaningful conversations and yarns between staff, students, and community. We engage and acknowledge individual expertise and opinions. We provide students the opportunity to establish their learning environment collaboratively reflecting their own creativity, leadership and culture. We value and accept everyone for who they are and what they contribute to our school community. At Leonora District High School we value each other for the diverse range of qualities and attributes in our unique environment.

We Show Respect to All

At Leonora District High School we show respect to all by listening mindfully to each other and treating each other as we would like to be treated. We value others accepting them as they are, acknowledging and appreciating their differences and similarities. We care for country and community (school, town, family and friends.

We Build Resilience in Each Other

At Leonora District High School we build resilience in each other by providing and facilitating a safe environment for all. Everyone is supported to join in all activities, take risks and make mistakes, knowing that facing challenges and making mistakes is how we learn. We actively build confidence and self-esteem in each other. We develop strategies to express feelings and manage emotions to bounce back.

We Care

At Leonora District High School we care by providing opportunities for everyone to have their social, emotional and physical needs met. We build relationships through participating in events and special occasions, having conversations and celebrating success. We show empathy by making an extra effort to be inclusive when others are experiencing uncomfortable emotions. We encourage and display willingness to help and share with others. We assist access to meet basic needs.

We Value the Cultural Heritage of all our Students and Staff

At Leonora District High School we are all different but come together as one. We are not just teaching, we are learning and that’s what’s keeping us strong. Teaching is learning and learning is teaching where we all work together through two-way, on country, art and music; sharing our knowledge. The oldest and newest create a better future. We are solid as one when we listen and live, and that’s when we all start to give.

We Have Fun

At Leonora District High School we have fun.
We show enthusiasm and engage in our learning. We enjoy meeting visitors that come to our school to share their experiences and help us further our learning in an enjoyable way. At recess and lunch you can find students laughing and smiling together. At the beginning of each day we incorporate fun into our morning fitness routine before we enter the classroom to learn. When we go out on Bush Day, students love to explore and connect to the land. We are fascinated when learning about the amazing animals and plants we come across. Team and leadership games like basketball allow us to encourage others and build positive relationships between staff and students as well as our peers. Staff intentionally implement fun and enthusiasm into their lessons and display positive body language to make the classroom feel warm and welcoming. We value seeing our students smiling here at Leonora District High School and saying “I Like School!”