Health and Physical Education

Physical Education

In Physical Education, students develop gross and fine motor skills though activities including Basketball, Football, Athletics, Volleyball, Netball and Swimming.

Students develop and refine specialised movement skills and focus on developing tactical thinking skills in a range of contexts, applying them to physical activities. Our focus on lifelong health and skill-related components of fitness, the types of activities that improve individual aspects of fitness, and a value of physical wellbeing supports students to experience success and make confident, healthy and enjoyable choices throughout their lives.

Our Physical Education Program is run by a specialist Phys. Ed. Teacher. Daily morning fitness is an integral part of every student’s day.

In Term 1 we have our Swimming Carnival at the Leonora Recreation Centre, with an Interschool Carnival held later in the term.

In Term 3 we have our Athletics Carnival, with interschool carnival held toward the end of term. We have two factions: Emus (green) and Roos (red).