Follow The Dream

The Follow the Dream program supports Indigenous students who aspire to complete their Secondary schooling, show aptitude for learning and demonstrate a positive approach towards education. The program provides after school tuition, individual mentoring, provides opportunities and experiences and promotes cultural pride for our Aboriginal students.

An exciting opportunity for Leonora District High School students in 2021. We have been nominated as an outreach school from Esperance Senior High School as part of their Follow The Dream program. Students are nominated based on their attendance, positive approach to education, and commitment to achieve personal academic success. Funding is provided to the school to provide
afternoon tea, tutors and other expenses as required from a collaboration between the Western Australia Department of Education and the Polly Farmer Foundation.

Enrichment Centre :

Students commit to regularly attending the Enrichment Centre for tutoring on Tuesday after school. A typical afternoon involves the provision of afternoon tea and students to organise their study materials on arrival, followed by tutoring as needed by students. Students depart at 4:30pm. A range of programs will be provided/run by teachers who specialize in literacy and numeracy.
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