Our Vision

Our priority is to develop positive relationships with students to ensure they become confident, well-balanced, lifelong learners. Leonora DHS provides a learning environment from Pre Kindy (Kindilink) through to Year 12 and our vision is to engage students throughout their learning journey to enable them to go on to further education, training or local employment after they successfully complete Year 12. We listen to parents and community members in order to know what issues our students face and what they want for their children’s future. In creating and maintaining a collaborative environment, we are able to work together to achieve a common goal – that the academic, physical and social-emotional needs of our students, and community, are met.

We believe interesting and relevant learning experiences are vital to student engagement. We tailor programs to individual interests and learning styles, giving our students the support and opportunities they need to succeed. Our programs integrate the teaching of skills and knowledge relevant to life in Leonora with mandated Western Australian curriculum, so students receive both a practical and holistic education. Students learn to think critically and actively about the world they live in.

To ensure our learning programs remain effective and relevant we continually collect data from a range of culturally appropriate assessments. We involve key stakeholders and parents in the evaluation process in order to gain valuable insight into the needs of our students, and to inform our future teaching and learning. We continually reflect on how we can improve to ensure success of our students.

Staff at Leonora DHS apply a consistent approach to behaviour management throughout the whole school to maintain the safety and wellbeing of all students and staff. We set realistic, clear and concise expectations and consequences of behaviour.

Leonora DHS is a community that values respect for ourselves and each other, and appreciates the differences amongst us. We work hard to build and develop positive and productive relationships. We are a community that cares about the success of all students, be it academic, physical, social or emotional. We care, We Succeed.